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About The Uppity Puppy

Do you love to order neat stuff for your dogs? 

The Uppity Puppy came about as we looked for fun and useful stuff for our dogs- Emma, Gracie and Willie. There was a lot available, but sometimes the quality was disappointing. When our friends started asking about some of our gear, we decided to share the things we (and they) really love!

You never have to worry about the quality of any item on The Uppity Puppy. Every item on our website has been tested either by our own pups, or if it is too small for them, it has been tested by one of their smaller buddies. The gifts for dog lovers are evaluated by our human friends. 

Our inspirations for The Uppity  Puppy- Emma, Gracie and Willie- live a very good life in Cherryville, North Carolina.

Their home is beside a lake so most of the year there is a daily swim. There are also trips to the local parks and walks in the small towns nearby. Although their style is mostly casual and sometimes includes backpacks and life jackets, they do have friends who like to dress a lot fancier!

Our dogs are truly our best friends, and they bring us great joy every day. We all wish the same for you and yours!